Nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug

An article worth noticing — 10 Big Pharma Statistics That Will Make You Cringe, by

“It’s been called America’s New Mafia; it’s been blamed for killing thousands of people. In the 2015 Harris corporate reputation poll that measures the quality of an industry’s reputation, the pharmaceutical industry ranked 9th out of 14 industries, with only 37% of public mentions being positive.”

Further, the article shares these figures and citations:

“- Nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, over half of Americans take two prescription drugs, and 20% of Americans are on at least five prescription drugs – Mayo Clinic

– For every $1 pharmaceutical companies spend on R&D for a new drug, they spend $19 on advertising that drug – BMJ

– 51% of drugs prescribed to Americans are generics, but they only make up 8% of the country’s total amount spent on drugs. The other 49% are the drugs with exclusive marketing rights, which makes up 92% of the total drug spending – IVN

– The percent markup of the prescription drug Xanax is approximately 570,000%. That means that the consumer cost per 100 tablets is roughly $137.79, while the cost of the active ingredients is $0.024 – LiveStrong

– In 2013, the total amount spent on drugs topped $329.2 billion. That’s roughly $1,000 per person – Last Week Tonight”

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